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Social Specialists
Social Specialists

Platinum Package

Social Specialists offers the platinum package to our clients which provides several key functions. It is designed in order to give you the best in social media campaigns. You will undoubtedly benefit from this package as it will maximise your social media marketing.

You will reach more potential clients, while generating leads and increasing your conversion rate.

Our experts guarantee that you are getting the best content on offer for Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. This includes Facebook stories and feed posts, Instagram feed and stories and LinkedIn posts.

Our services work for business of all shapes and sizes. If your business is new or if you have been in the game for years, we will improve your online presence and overall online awareness. The more recognisable a brand is, the better the reputation and the more individuals trust in it.

The platinum package is the best option especially when you are looking to promote your brand, products or services at the highest volume possible. It may cost more than the aforementioned packages, however, your business will gain far more exposure and engagement from it.

The right people will see what you have to offer and will visit your website. This allows for a bigger chance of the individuals finding the products or services they require. What this does is provide the opportunity for potential to convert into actual buying clients.


The platinum package option will provide you with 4 posts a week, per platform. You will receive more engagement and the right audience will find you. The target audience will be focused on from the start so that the right people are visiting your website and contacting you.

On top of this, you will receive custom graphics which will add that extra edge in your social posts.


Our content is keyword focused which means that it will work with search engine optimisation. This will help target keywords which will bring the right audience to you.

Page Growth

Our page growth feature will guarantee that the social media posts are viewed. It will also build a reputation for your page.

Please feel free to choose the platinum package, or browse through our other packages.

We will supply you with the best service possible within your budget. Our content will be new and exciting tailored to your business, industry and audience.

If you would like more information, contact us and we will answer any of your queries.

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