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Social Specialists
Social Specialists

Starter Social Media

When you decide to use the Starter Social Media package, you want a comprehensive review. We take great pride in this package as it starts from the heart. It looks at where you were and where you are. Furthermore, it looks at where you can be.

The social media audit will take a look at exactly where your platforms are currently. Key points of interest include followers, engagement such as likes and comments, and how you are targeting your audience.

It will take a look at your business, as well as your competitors. It will indicate where your competitors are falling short and where they are miles ahead of you. When you choose the Starter Social Media you will also have the opportunity for advice. Our highly trained team of experts will provide the suggestions and guiltiness necessary. This includes social media page strategies, best practices and how to include keywords in your content. Moreover, scheduling content uploads is also important and will be defined and explained.

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