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Every marketer knows that social media lead generation is an essential part of any brand marketing strategy.

What are social media leads?

Social media lead generation is the activity of obtaining leads or information through various social media platforms, namely Facebook , Instagram and LinkedIn. A user will submit their details or request for more information via lead forms, comments, chat bots or inbox message with the hopes to be contacted by the relevant company.

Good marketers follow up with social media leads instantly to obtain a higher conversion rate. You will need to nurture the lead, which includes taking the lead through the customer journey and ideally converting them into a client or assisting them to complete a purchase.

Quality social media leads


The quality of a social media lead depends on your industry, campaign, and goals. A quality lead will include helpful information and clear signs of intent to connect with your business. The quality of social media leads far outweigh the quantity.

Several marketers agree that Facebook is the best platform site for social media lead generation since it is the social media platform with the largest population. However, 89% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for lead generation and claim to get at least twice as many social media leads from LinkedIn than other social media channels, however at a much higher cost per lead than on Facebook.

Allocating your social media lead generation campaign budget or at least a significant portion of your campaign budget, should be determined by your target market and aligned to the platform with similar demographics.
Now, here are a few tactics to generate more social media leads.

Optimise your profile


Before you launch your next social media lead generation campaign, ensure you can also collect leads organically. To do this, your social media profile should enable customers to contact you, sign up for your newsletter, view your shop shop, and easily showcase what your business does.

  • Your contact details should be visible on your profile, and your organisation should be able to support customer inquiries submitted through these contact channels, as well as through your social media platforms.
  • Depending on the goal, use the call-to-action (CTA) button on your Instagram or Facebook profiles.
  • Add a link to your bio – either to your website or another specific URL you want to divert traffic to. If possible, include a CTA to encourage clicks.


Create clickable content

Ensure you create and share compelling content that supports your lead-generation goal. With click-worthy content, ensure each post has a clear link and enticing CTA.

Options include:

  • Tagging products that are in your Facebook Shop.
  • Swipe up links on Instagram stories.
  • Shoppable Instagram posts and stories.
  • Shop the Look Pins on Pinterest.
  • YouTube Cards and end screens.


Use social media lead ads

In addition to those organic social media lead collection measures, you can boost your efforts with social media lead ads.

Facebook lead ads

Facebook has a specific lead ad format for marketers that are promoted forms. The leads collected from these ads can be directly synced to your customer management system (CMS) or downloaded for your sales team to follow up as necessary.

Ensure your Facebook Pixel is installed on your website to makes it easier to track leads and measure how much they cost. It also makes retargeting easy for lead nurturing.

Instagram lead ads

Much like its parent company, Instagram offers lead ads, and like Facebook, it provides the option to partially pre-fill forms.

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

LinkedIn also offers an ad format just for lead generation, called Lead Gen Forms. These forms can be used in Message Ads and Sponsored InMail. LinkedIn also uses profile information to pre-fill sections.


Offer the right incentive


Holding a social media contest is a great way to collect leads. For entry, ask participants to share whatever information you’d like to learn.

Another way to collect leads, such as newsletter sign-ups, is by offering a discount code for a purchase on your site.

Refining your campaign

When collecting social media leads, you need to also collect analytics insights to monitor which social media platform is the best source of leads. Then, use that insight to refocus your spending on a specific platform or boost your existing campaign.

Let the specialists help you


Collecting social media leads, whether organically or through ad spend, can be daunting. Social Specialists can create, execute, and manage content and ad campaigns on your behalf, allowing you to focus on the crucial work of nurturing and converting those leads. Contact our team to discuss how we can help you today.