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Using employee engagement to elevate your LinkedIn Company Page

Employee engagement is key to increase overall engagement of with your LinkedIn company page.
LinkedIn company pages are great to showcase products and services and providing a glimpse into the company itself. However, it’s often a struggle to get engagement on the content posted to the page. Encouraging your employees to engage with your LinkedIn company page can be instrumental in changing this.
LinkedIn has indicated that employees have on average 10 times more first-degree connections on LinkedIn than a company page has followers. Their research also shows that employees are 60% more likely to engage with posts from co-workers than those who aren’t colleagues.
So, how can you leverage employee engagement in your LinkedIn company page strategy?

Be part of their profile

There are three key places where employees can actively include your LinkedIn company page in their personal profiles: the introduction card, contact information, and experience section.

Consider adding a step in your onboarding process that encourages people to update their profiles to reflect their new position within your company.

In addition, you could suggest that they add the LinkedIn company page URL to the contact section of their personal profile. Provide them with a branded cover photo that looks good on both mobile and desktop.


Chat to your employees about sharing their content

Have a discussion with your team concerning sharing some of their posts relevant to the business on the LinkedIn company page. It’s a great way to share your staff’s voice without handing over admin rights to your LinkedIn company page. The benefit for your employees is that their insights are being highlighted, positioning them as experts within their fields.

Create a dedicated company hashtag

Meet with your marketing and management team to come up with a hashtag (or three) that includes your company name. Then encourage employees to use it when creating or sharing content on LinkedIn. This will help you to find the relevant content to share on your LinkedIn company page. When sharing their content, make sure to include a note about why you’re sharing it with your followers and don’t forget to tag the employee on the post – if their privacy settings allow.

Encourage employees to interact on the LinkedIn company page

It’s well-known that people trust friends more than they trust companies. Encourage your staff to comment on and share company page content with their networks. This will help your post reach a wider audience.

Content that employees participate in, tends to enjoy better engagement. Consider setting up a calendar with themed months. For example, share a picture with the women in your company in an update on Women’s Day, inviting comments that encourage other women in the field. Instead of mentioning each person in the update, tag them in the photo.

Promotions, social responsibility events, any feel-good news and stories involving your staff will improve engagement on your LinkedIn company page.


Consider creating a reward scheme for employees who share content. Prizes could include being featured on the LinkedIn company page, shopping vouchers or physical gifts.

Let the specialists help you

Encouraging employee engagement on your LinkedIn company page offers so many opportunities to market your company. Leave the strategy and execution to the Social Specialists for professional content you – and your staff – can be proud of. Contact our team to discuss how we can help create excitement among your staff about becoming LinkedIn famous.